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Finally a real concrete coating! For walls, countertops, furniture, floors, showers. It can be installed almost anywhere!

Made in Quebec, offered across Canada

Unlike other products available on the market, our concrete coating is made of real concrete In fact, most of the other products offered by our competitors are paints that imitate the concrete finish, without the durability and beauty of real concrete!

Our concrete plaster is an aesthetic topcoat, it must be laid on a stable, smooth and solid building material, such as a painted wall, gypsum with drawn joints, fiber cement, MDF, finished plywood, ceramic, laminate countertop and more.

Concrete Art Coating: your complete turnkey kit

4 comprehensive, easy-to-use turnkey kits, complete with all necessary products to successfully execute your project.

Concrete Art Coating: 4 easy steps for Crafting beautiful Custom Concrete Coatings



Concrete Art Coating’s Primer is a blue acrylic-based latex to be used on all surfaces to maximize adhesion.



When the first coat is partially dried (1h30 to 2h), apply a second coat. Let dry for 12 to 24 hours. Leave to dry for 12 to 24 hours.



Our water-based sealants are ideal for concrete walls, countertops, and furniture. For showers and floors, use our impregnating sealant. For showers and floors, use our impregnator sealer.



Our varnish is applied in two or three coats, it is offered in matte, satin, and gloss finishes.

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Standard smooth and scaled wall

Industrial smooth and scaled wall

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Explore our photo gallery for endless inspiration across a variety of applications, including showers, tables, counters, fireplaces, floors, before-and-after projects, furniture, special and exterior projects, and more.

Ideal for walls, counters, cabinets, floors, showers, and staircases, our versatile coatings can be applied to nearly any surface including MDF, porcelain, laminate, and ceramic.

Made in Quebec, offered across Canada

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Installation method of our decorative Concrete Art Coating decorative (Photo fournie, Enduits Art Béton/Photo fournie, Enduits Art Béton)

Concrete Art Coating

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