Art Béton

Warranty and Returns
Returns or exchanges

Returns or exchanges are possible within 14 days of your purchase. The products must have been stored under normal conditions, between 10 and 25 degrees Celsius. 15% of the sale amount plus transport costs are at your expense. The amount will be credited with the payment method used during your purchase upon receipt of the goods.


Limited warranty: Product replacement in the event of product defects. The application is not guaranteed nor the installation time. The instructions for all steps written on the labels must be followed at all times.

Concrete Art Coating offers a limited warranty for its decorative concrete system Concrete Art. Replacement of products in the event of product defects. Neither the application nor the installation time are guaranteed.

Concrete Art decorative (microtopping) concrete offers optimum performance when applied to a stable, smooth, non-cracking surface with adequate hardness. The 1 mm thickness provides optimum durability. The Concrete Art surface must be protected from knocks, sharp objects, repetitive friction, knife blades, heat such as a hot cauldron, or any other situation that could damage the Concrete Art system.

Concrete Art Coating takes no responsibility for the bases on which the products are applied. An unstable base, which cracks, lacks hardness, disintegrates or presents any other problem will alter the final result of Concrete Art products in the short or long term.

Any problems appearing on Concrete Art surfaces, breaks, cracks, stains or other must be immediately reported to Concrete Art Coating or to the installer so that a solution can be proposed as appropriate (at the customer’s expense in the event of a problem application, application on an inadequate basis or failure to comply with the application instructions provided by Concrete Art). In the event of surface degradation due to negligence, Concrete Art Coating is not responsible.

No warranty is offered for commercial installations

1 year limited warranty