Finally a real concrete coating!
walls, countertops, furniture, showers, floors, fireplaces* Goes practically everywhere!

Made in Canada, offered everywhere

Unlike other products available on the market, Art Concrete rendering is made of real concrete. Indeed, the other products offered are paints that imitate the concrete finish, without the durability and beauty of real concrete!

Our concrete plaster is an aesthetic topcoat, it must be placed on a finished, stable and solid construction material - which excludes standard plywood for floors and construction.

Installation Guide

Price per square feet for project

Step 1 - Primer Step 2 - Concrete coating Step 3 - Sealer Step 4 - Varnish
Installation method of our Art Béton decorative concrete

You'll see it's easy! Watch this video of a few minutes to learn how to use our products!

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In our photo gallery you will find everything to inspire you, for your shower, table, counter, fireplace, floor, before / after projects, furniture, special projects, exterior project, etc.

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Commercial and residential

For your wall, counter, cabinet, floor, shower, staircase, can be placed on practically everything! MDF, porcelain, laminate, ceramic, etc.

Made in Canada, available everywhere

For your commercial and residential projects



Get ready.

The Art Béton Primer is an acrylic latex to be used on all surfaces prior to the Art Béton Coating. It is designed to obtain greater bonding strength on existing surfaces before using the Art Béton Coating.



Let it dry until colour fades (about 2 hours, use a fan to accelerate curing time). Apply a second coat making half-circle movements with the trowel, create textures if desired.



Our water-based sealants are ideal for concrete walls, countertops and furniture. For showers and floors, use our impregnator sealer.



Our varnish is applied in two or three coats, it is offered in matte, satin and gloss finishes.


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